Varaha White Light Meditation

As we step into one’s inner world, the world of one’s Higher Self and Spirit, the world of
one’s mind and higher bodies, it becomes imperative to ensure that our psychic bodies are
well protected. One could compare it with the need for humans to wear space suits as one
steps into space – an unseen, unknown frontier.

Chakral Alignment and Healing with the White Light

The Invocation of Protection guided in this Meditation is an extremely powerful imagery and ensures that you are in an invisible yet invincible cosmic bubble and are completely protected from all misqualified energies. Your journey into the inner realms is safe and you are secure. As You listen to this, the latest upgrade of the Grid is downloaded in your Merkaba/Aura( the same one I use). The Grid is around You for the duration of the Meditation.

White Light Meditation and Chakral Healing with the 7 Planetary Rays

Varsha Morarka

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