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varsha morarka

Blessed Soul
Varsha Morarka

Varsha Morarka, B.Com, B.Ed, began her career as a trained teacher, teaching English and is now the Chief Administrator of N.D.M.S. in Hospet.It is run by the NCT , a charitable Trust of the RP Morarka family. She spearheads various developmental projects in the town of Hospet. Her foray in the field of Energy work began in the year 2000.

She is a trained Reiki Master and a Pranic Healer, completing her Basic and Advanced as well as Soul Realisation Mastery Classes. Along the way, she has also completed courses in Handwriting analysis, NLP and Crystal Heal


Minister's Assistants

Neeta Mishra

Leadership Council

Asita Deepak

Information Technology

Sweta Kejriwal

Ethic Committee