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Welcome to The School of Self- Realisation and Self Actualisation. Every time You connect with this site, Your energies will be accelerated to enable you to live a higher quality of daily life, where Your Higher Self connects deeply with your Heart and Mind and You are enveloped in your pure Soul Energy. Be a part of this community

And experience greater opening of the Heart and Mind, aligning to your Higher Self and Soul, Divine Healing and Meditation Spiritual Development. Unity Consciousness, Galactic ,Universal and Multi-Universal Consciousness World Service. In Service To the One


These are Mandalas which were created during the chanting of Mantras

code enlightenment

Dearest Beautiful friends of Light,

THE CODES OF ENLIGHTENMENT are a series of 12 beautiful and powerful Sacred Images and Mantras that are encoded with higher vibrational energies for the clearing and opening of the heart and generation of pure love in our life. The 12 codes and mantras have a transformational effect on our energy and consciouness, supporting 12 levels of our heart to open to allow our Higher Self and Essence to be deeply experienced.

These were offered to Qala Sri’ AmaPhoneix by the presence of Krishna/Christ, in the spirit form in 2005 (Please Google her to know about her) when she commissioned in partnership with artist DemetriCondos to ground them as sacred images for the purpose of assisting humanity to open their hearts and embody unconditional love.

The codes hold the Blessing of all Angles, Archangles, Ascended Master’s and Being of love and Light who have walked the path of opening the heart beyond all fears and embodying unconditional love.

I have done a year’s Course with the SCHOOL OF SELF MASTERY AND LOVING PRESENCE. And can now initiate seeker’s and initiates of Light into these codes of Mantras. Initiation of each Mantra (there are 12 and can be done one by one) INR 7500 For more details please do email me


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Vedic Practice of “Giving Back”

Dakshina is an ancient tradition of those who practice yoga, and it is a display of generosity – a private contribution to the financial support of the teacher and their teachings.

When we experience a pure inner impulse caused by a higher purpose to help others, to express our unconditional gratefulness, it is called Dakshina. We are being guided by our feelings, and, in this case, the amount we give is irrelevant as long as we gain our own true Self.


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